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Dog Food Distributor No.❶ Dog Food Distributor
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Pet Likes is a flagship product of Millennium Exports. This is an ultra-premium dog food with 30% protein and 16% fat. This is a Gluten Free dog food with omega 3 fatty acids for fur growth and shine, shark cartilage for hip and joint support, FOS for better digestion and absorption of food, herbal components for better health and synergistic immune enhancement.

Our dog chews are novel, unique, and innovative and mostly made of fish tissues. Complete nutrition. Unlike the dog chews made out of beef byproducts, which mainly contains collagen fiber Ocean Chews and Ocean Delite contains highly digestible proteins. They are rich in all essential amino acids, minerals and other nutrients like omega 3 fatty acids and chondroitin sulfate. These chews are made from the tail, fin and bones of marine Elasmobranch fishes. The high cartilage and organic calcium of these tissues efficiently resolve joint and hip problems of senior and adult dogs, besides being very effective in the prevention of dental tartar and reduce plague formation. The Pet Delite and Natural Bite are two meat products, which satiates the chewing instinct of dogs and at the same time effective against plague.

These chews and treats are free from preservatives, additives, synthetic coloring agents, flavors and other chemicals. ALL CHEWS AND TREATS ARE MADE FROM FREE RANGE OCEAN FISHES AND FREE RANGE NATURALLY GRAZING CATTLE ORGANS AND TISSUES. Therefore, contains no antibiotic and pesticide residues. No allergic reaction was found to any of the products tested by a panel of senior vets. One of prime products is Marine Food Supplement for dogs called Shark Cartilage. Fish cartilage has anti-inflammatory and anti-immune suppressant properties and helpful in the treatment of arthritis. Millennium Exports has received a BIRAC (Biotechnology Industry Research Assistant Council, Govt. of India Body) Award in 2013 for R&D under Green Technology category for utilizing byproduct of Fisheries Industry into a prime product of Pet Animal Food Industry. Our ultra-premium dog food PET LIKES was awarded best MAKE IN INDIA AWARD in Petszoo 2016. Ocean products do not carry anthrax, salmonella, BSE and other pathogens common in terrestrial animals.

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