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  • Pet Likes

    Pet Likes Platinum is a first ultra-premium product from a 100 percent Indian company and made out of 100% indigenous ingredients. No imported ingredient is used in Pet Likes, a total and complete Indian product. Yet the quality matches the best of the imported dog foods sold in India or elsewhere. Pet Likes is widely tested in many regions and on many exotic and Indian dog breeds.

    Pet Likes contains 30% protein, 16% fat and 4300 kcal/kg energy. The specialty of Pet Likes is that about 70% of protein and 80% fat in the food are of animal origin, which speaks about the food’s premium quality. The protein comes from three main animal sources, fish, chicken and meat. Pet Likes contains Shark Cartilage for hip and joint support and reduces arthritis symptoms in senior dogs. Pet Likes has fish oil rich in Omega 3 fatty acids for fur growth, shine, and skin health. Pet Likes has a natural source of FOS (fructo-oligo saccharide), which is the best soluble fiber for dogs to increase colon weight. Besides, what brings Pet Likes Platinum into the ultra-premium segment is its Gluten-Free nature. No wheat flour, wheat germ, wheat bran or any other wheat derivative is used in this food, therefore, making it very safe for dogs with gluten allergy. In addition to the above Pet Likes also contains a couple of herbal ingredients like Turmeric and Chicory as sources of natural curcumin and Inulin. Curcumin is for better digestion, increasing appetite and Inulin, which provides dissolved fiber and oligosaccharides help in nutrient absorption, reduces gastrointestinal problems and stool consistency. Pet Likes is fortified with a number of vitamins, antioxidants, minerals in balanced formulation making Pet Likes a complete and balanced dog food. Turmeric, tocopherol and chondroitin sulfate from shark cartilage act synergistically to enhance immune functions.

    Pet Likes Gold is a regular adult maintenance food with 24% protein and 14% fat. Pet Likes also contains fish, chicken, and meat as major protein sources.

  • Fish Cartilage (Marine Dog Food Supplement)

    This is a flagship product of Millennium Exports next to Pet Likes. This has a vital combination of chondroitin and glucosamine along with highly digestible fish protein and omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids (both DHA and EPA). The polyunsaturated fatty acids along with fish amino acids improve skin color, hair growth, and coat shine. The combination works so well that it gives guaranteed results for Alopecia and other skin diseases in three weeks. Shark cartilage also hip support properties and improves joint health, which can be seen in senior dogs and dogs with bone and joint problems. It has anti-inflammatory properties and enhances the immune system. It contains natural antioxidants like vitamin E and taurine, which prevents heart attacks. It is a perfect food supplement for seniors, adults, juniors and teething puppies of all breeds.

  • Pet Delite

    Pet Delite is natural, gluten-free; chemical-free processed and sterilized Free Range buffalo pizzel cuttings. It satisfies biting instinct, improves gum health and prevents dental plaque and reduce tartar. Pet Delite stimulates appetite in dogs and provides nutrition. Pet Delite is also a delight for dog trainers. This is a totally safe dog chew and a special delicacy for dogs of all breeds.

  • Ocean Delite

    Ocean Delite is mainly the muscle and bone tissue of shark fishes. This is a very good treat for adult dogs and for puppies and small breed adults, this also serves as a chew. Ocean Delite is a food substitute for many dogs. When offered in small quantities, this product behaves as an excellent treat and when fed more can substitute the day’s food. This is acts as a very good handle for dog trainers. This is a natural product free from contamination. No flavors, colors, preservatives, and additives are added to this product.

  • Natural Bite

    Natural Bite is a processed and sterilized Free Ranged Indian Buffalo tendon. This is a very attractive treat, like by all breeds of all stages. It is a 100% buffalo cartilage very effective for dental health. Millennium Export is the major exporter of the tendon too far eastern countries.

  • Ocean Chew

    There are three products in this category. They are fishbone, fish fin, and fishtail. They are basically developed as chews but dogs devoured these products and consume them quickly chewing them without a break. Fish fin, tail, and bones are from marine Elasmobranch fishes namely ray fish, shark and guitarfish. It cleans teeth, prevents plaque and reduces tartar. Ocean chews contain protein from fish meat, chondroitin sulfate, a prime natural ingredient for joint support. Ocean Chew also contains omega 3 fatty acids, which improves the skin texture, immune system, hair growth. There is no harm if the dog swallows a larger bit with an irresistible palatability stimulant. The Ocean Chew is so rich that a dog can even survive on just Ocean Chew, particularly fishtail and fish fin, for few days when offered only these chews without food. Ocean Chews are chemical-free, processed and sterilized products. Being an ocean product these chews are free from terrestrial bacteria.

  • Ocean Oil

    Ocean oil is extracted from marine oil sardine fishes. This oil has very high palatability in all dog breeds. Ocean oil can be added to any homemade food or to any dry food as topping. Ocean oil contains 24 g of EPA Ecosapentaenoic Acid) and DHA (Docosahexaecnoic Acid). Vitamin E is added as a natural antioxidant along with selenium.

    Dosage of 2.5 – 5 ml per day for puppies and adults of small breeds and 5 – 10 ml for the adult of medium and large breeds will show up results in 3-4 weeks on skin health. Fur growth will be luxurious with a very prominent coat.

  • Kittylings

    Pet Kittylings is a hand-picked human-grade small pelagic marine fish, a real processed anchovy, loved by cats and devoured by dogs. It is 100% natural without any chemical. It is recommended as a regular treat for cats. can occasionally to substitute for regular food. It has easily digestible, nutritionally balanced protein with an optimum amino acid pro flier, Kittylings is rich in omega 3 fatty acid which has a positive role in arthritis and skin health and improves fur growth and shine.

  • ADD ON

    ADD ON is a Hypoallergenic, Gluten Free, Grain Free Premium pet food. It has synergistic immune enhancement properties in the combination with herbs. ADD ON is a magic food with 50% protein and 35% fat. Besides, it contains Chondroitin sulfate for hip and joint support, Omega-3 fish oil for skin health, fur growth and shine. It also fortified with vitamins. This product can be given to all breeds of all stages.

    ADD ON is also a highly economical way of feeding high-quality premium protein. ADD ON can be mixed with cooked rice or other cooked grains before feeding. When mixed with the equal quantity or an equal volume of cooked rice (two large tablespoons of ADD ON with 2 large tablespoons of cooked rice), the growth is guaranteed in puppies. It will also register growth when mixed with double the volume of cooked rice (two large tablespoons with 4 large tablespoons of cooked rice). For regular maintenance of adult ADD ON may be mixed with 3 times the volume of cooked rice (2 tablespoons of ADD ON with 6 tablespoons of cooked rice). Hence a pet parent or a breeder can control the amount of protein to be fed to the pet on a given day. For senior dogs, the cooked rice quantity can be increased to 4 times, which makes ADD ON, the most economical premium food in terms of per-meal cost.

    ADD ON is a very attractive lifestyle food for dogs in the form of spread. It contains a high protein and high-fat mix to enable it to be used as a value-added food spread. ADD ON is a gluten-free food with a basic chicken and rice formula which can be used as an ideal food even for dogs with food allergies. It can be given to all stages and all breeds. It is particularly food for senior dogs with the joint problem and arthritis symptoms. ADD ON contains omega 3 fatty acid and shark cartilage which improves joint health, fur growth, and shines.

    ADD ON is very economical when spread on spicy Indian foods like chapatti, roti, whole wheat bread, rice, etc. It also enhances the intake of low calorie, low protein economy dog food when added as a topping. ADD ON serves as a value-added hypo-allergic meal when mixed with just cooked rice.

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